Quality Warranty Policy

Esbelt Brazilian Bodywear® guarantees all its products from manufacturing defects up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

To request a review based on manufacturing defects:

  • The goods must be sent, by post, to the address of our invoice;
  • The product must be returned on its original packaging, complete, containing all its parts and accessories (e.g. internal brand label, hook and eye fasteners, straps, boning, etc.);
  • The product should not have suffered any alteration/repair (e.g., sewing, gluing, embroidery, etc);
  • The customer must send the proof of purchase/original purchase receipt along with the product;
  • The customer must send a brief written explanation, with the details of the defect/complaint.
  • Caution: Goods sent outside the specifications above will not be accepted for manufacturer’s defect analysis, and will be automatically returned to the sender. Under these conditions, the Esbelt Brazilian Bodywear ® reserves the right to re-charge ports.

Analysis of product defects:

The manufacturer’s defect evaluation will be done by our quality control department, from
where we will receive the final report of the exchange request. Average time of conclusion: 15 days after receiving the product.

Favorable exchange report:

  • The customer will receive, free of charge, replacement for the same product;
  • No refunds are made.

Contrary exchange report:

  • Absence of default (not finding the damage indicated by the client);
  • Evidence of misuse of the product;
  • Evidence of an accidental damage;
  • Natural worn out due to usage.

Free contract resolution:

The customer has the right to terminate the contract within 14 days after its conclusion without giving any reason.

The Free Resolution Period will expire after 14 days from the day the customer physically acquires the product. In order to proceed to the free termination of the contract, the customer should contact Esbelt Europe by calling (+351) 214 191 536, email address contactform@esbelteurope.com or sending a letter to the address Edificio Pirâmide, Largo da Pirâmide, 3 / M-floor 1- office K, 2795-156 Linda-a-Velha, Portugal.

In the event that the customer terminates the Contract, we will refund the amount paid for the products upon receipt of the products in question.